About us

We are a traditional Czech company with an experienced team of employees, our own warehouses, a modern vehicle fleet and handling equipment, and the necessary information technology support.

We have a single, clear goal: to efficiently and reliably provide the complete logistics services our customers require for all types of goods. The distribution of fast-moving consumer goods, especially food, is one of our particular strengths. Our performance and dynamics have enabled us to grow into a major logistics services provider that guarantees the necessary innovation and continuous process and technology development. We seek to satisfy the needs of both our existing and new customers through open communication and respect. We consider every customer our most important customer.



Our origin dates back to a former freezer plant in Dašice – the initials MD in our name also refer to this. As time passed, we began adding transport services to our existing warehousing services. So how did it all begin?


At the site of today’s MD logistika there was originally an agricultural joint-stock sugar factory (later nationalised), which had operated here for 100 years. The last sugar beet campaign took place here in 1968, after which the whole plant was transferred to a newly built factory in Hrochov Týnec.


In 1970 the site of the former sugar factory was purchased by the company Mrazírny o.p. Praha, which planned the construction of a new freezer warehouse to replace an existing, already obsolete plant in Pardubice.

The distribution of refrigerated fish products was relocated to part of the existing premises of the sugar factory immediately after the asset transfer.


A zoning decision and building permit were requested, and the first stage of construction of the plant was started. The following structures were included in this stage:

  • freezer block – the first part (chambers C1 to C6) with the refrigeration equipment, freezing tunnels, A1 and A2 cold stores, and a charging station for electric trucks,
  • a production hall, workshops, and garages,
  • an administrative building and gatehouse,
  • a boiler room,
  • a transformer station,,
  • a washing ramp,
  • a warehouse for technical equipment,
  • a refuelling station,
  • a rail siding and 11th track at the Kostěnice station.

1975 to 1977

Over these years, the buildings constructed in the first stage were approved and put into operation, thus establishing in Dašice a Mrazírny Praha branch plant that provided storage for state material reserves and the distribution of frozen food and refrigerated fish products for the East Bohemian region. Centres in Lanškroun and Trutnov were affiliated to this branch plant. Various production programmes were operated in the production hall (fruit ice lollies, repackaging of fish and fish fillets, packaging of meat and soup mixtures, hens for soup, and peppers and tomatoes for lecho). All these production series were of volumes of under 100 tonnes a year.


The second stage of construction of the plant was commenced in 1984 and completed in 1987. The freezer warehouse was expanded with the C7 and C8 chambers, and a new production hall was built that included a wastewater management system. Equipment for processing and repackaging citrus concentrates was installed in the hall.


Mrazírny Praha collapsed and was replaced by the state-run enterprise Mrazírny Dašice, however without the centres in Lanškroun and Trutnov. The absence of raw materials from Cuba meant the end of citrus concentrates production, while up to 5 000 tonnes of small fruit was processed in the frozen fruit plant a year.


The company purchased a production line for ice cream products from the Danish Gramm, and extensive construction alterations were carried out in the old production hall for this reason. At the same time, an ice cream cone oven was purchased and put into operation.

1993 to 1994

There was another transformation of the company during the second wave of the coupon privatisation, resulting in the establishment of Mrazírny Dašice, a.s., in which the state was the majority shareholder, on 1 January 1994. The production programme remained unchanged.


The company Tipa Třebíč became the majority shareholder on 22 October 1996, while reconstruction work was undertaken and the output of ice creams increased, while the cone oven was closed down.


RNDr. Karel Matyska became the majority shareholder in the company.


Due to the expansion in the services it offered, the company was renamed to MD logistika, a.s. on 24 February 2005. The new S1 warehouse with a total floor area of approximately 4 000 m² was constructed for the same reason.


MD logistika began operating in a new warehouse site in Prague – Horní Počernice. Its 38 000 m² offers 70 000 pallet positions for dry and refrigerated goods. The first and largest customer that the company served from this location was the Spar retail chain operating the Interspar hypermarkets and the Spar supermarkets in the Czech Republic.


The MD logistics project Hub and Spoke FMCG Logistic Model solving the optimal supply of smaller food stores in cities with frozen goods won the title of Logistics Project of the Year in the Czech Republic awarded by the Czech Logistics Association. Thanks to this, it was the only representative to fight its way among to the six finalists of the competition for the European logistics project of the year Golden Medal ELA Award organized by the European Logistics Association.

Gold Medal ELA Award


The new C9 freezer chamber with a floor area of almost 2 000 m² for 4 200 pallet positions and up to 4 200 t of stored goods was put into operation in Dašice. An economical hybrid ammonia vapour condenser was put into operation in the expanded cooling equipment room.


An extensive modernization of the cooling technology took place in the warehouses in Dašice. More efficient coolers were installed in the freezer chambers, the cooling in the area of ​​the loading ramp was expanded, and 12 doors of the freezer chambers were replaced with fully automatic and high-speed ones.


MD logistika in Dašice started operation of the new C10 freezer chamber and thus expanded its storage capacity for frozen goods by about a fifth. The chamber offers 3,692 pallet spaces on an area of ​​1,778 m2 in a basic arrangement and together with the C9 warehouse it is one of the largest Sundays of freezer chambers in the Czech Republic.