The company MD logistika uses more than 130 tractor-trailers in a special temperature regime as well as 10 vehicles with a higher accessibility and 40 vehicles of established contract carriers according to the current requirements.

Vehicle fleet of MD logistika contains a DAF and Mercedes – Benz tractors. Thanks to this technical support we are able to accommodate and service 350 delivery locations any day of the year. In addition, we are able to provide:

  • Comprehensive coverage of the whole Czech Republic
  • Transport across the EU
  • Export – import outside the EU

Loading and unloading into time windows is completed according to customer requirements – KPI 99.5%.

All of our trucks are equipped with a GPS system; therefore, we are able to track your freight during the entire transportation including the time of loading and unloading.

In accordance with customer requirements to transport a number of temperature regimes at the same time, we are able to separate the different temperature regimes with a crossbar and thus, save the costs associated with a potential loading on more vehicles.

All processes associated with transportation are provided by a team of experienced dispatchers 24 hours/day.


The technical facility also includes a professional space for regular truck maintenance. We have, for example, recently built an assembly pit for easy access to the lower parts of the vehicles.