We are a traditional Czech company with an experienced team of staff, several warehouses, a modern fleet of vehicles, handling equipment and IT support.

MD logistika has only one goal: to efficiently and reliably provide complete logistics services of food products. Our performance and dynamics has allowed us to grow into a leading provider of logistics services. This has guaranteed constant required innovations, development of processes and technologies, which has enabled us to gain open communications and respect by efficiently meeting the requirements and needs of our existing and new customers. Our reputation has been built on the ethos that each and every client is of utmost importance to us.

Sklad v Horních Počernicích - letecký pohled

Sklad v Horních Počernicích – letecký pohled


MD logistika – history

MD logistika is located on land, which was once shared by sugar manufacturing farmers, which was in operation exactly 100 years ago. The very last sugar beet campaign took place in 1968 and then the whole operation was transferred to the newly built plant in Hrochův Týnec.

In 1970, Mrazírny o.p. Praha purchased premises of the former sugar factory with an intention to build a new refrigerating warehouse to replace the existing, already obsolete plant in Pardubice.

Immediately after the transfer of the property the distribution of chilled fish products was relocated to a section of the existing sugar factory.

In 1972, planning permission was requested and granted. Subsequently, a building permit was put into operation and construction phase I. of the plant commenced. This phase included the following objects:

Freezing cube part 1 (chamber C1 – C6) with a cooling machine room, freezing tunnels, cooling plant A1 and A2 and cart charging station

  • Hall for production, workrooms and garages
  • Office building and reception
  • Boiler room
  • Convertor station
  • Washing ramp
  • Warehouse MTZ
  • Petrol station PHM
  • Railroad siding and railway track #11 in Kostěnice station

All the premises of the construction phase I. passed the final inspection and operation began between 1977 and 1979. A branch of business enterprise Mrazírny Praha, which ensured the storage of state material reserves and distribution of frozen foods and chilled fish products to the East-bohemia region, was established. Additional centres, in Lanškroun and Trutnov were affiliated to the branch. Various production programs alternated in the production hall (production of ice-lollies, repackaging fish and fish fillets, meat packing and soup mixes, packaging chicken for soup, packaging of peppers and tomatoes for ratatouille production). The entire production was in the capacity range up to 100 tons per year.

Construction phase II. was launched in 1984 and completed in 1987. There was also an expansion of the refrigerating warehouse by chambers C7 and C8 and the introduction of a new manufacturing facility, including management of water waste. Technology for processing and re-packaging of citrus concentrates was installed in the new facility.

In 1990, after the business failure of enterprise Mrazírny Praha, the state enterprise Mrazírny Dašice was established and dispensed itself from the centres in Lanškroun and Trutnov. Due to the lack of the Cuban raw materials the production of citrus concentrates ended; and the production of fruit up to 5,000 tons of small fruits per year was processed.

In 1991, the frozen cream custard production line was purchased from Danish company Gramm. It was necessary to make extensive structural modifications of the old factory building. Cone bakery was purchased and opened.

In 1993, during the second wave of the voucher privatization the company underwent a new transformation and on January 1st, 1994 Mrazírny Dašice, a.s. was established. The state was a majority shareholder. The production plan remained unchanged.

On October 22nd, 1996 Tipa Třebíč became the majority shareholder of the company, the MSK manufacturing plant underwent reconstruction, which led to an increase of the cream custard production and closing of the cone bakery.

In 2002, Dr. (RNDr.) Karel Matyska became the majority shareholder of the company. Due to the service expansion the company was renamed to MD logistika on February 25th, 2005. This enabled S1, a new warehouse to be built in 2005 with a total storage area of approximately 4000 m2.